Photographer: Rod Arroyo
Standing over a tray in a darkroom many years ago, I stood in amazement as I watched an image that I captured with my camera slowly appear on photographic paper. I was hooked. It is still magical when I download digital images and see them on my computer screen for the first time.

My name is Rod Arroyo, and I am the owner / principal photographer. I have been interested in photography since about the age of 8. As a boy, I had a Kodak Instamatic camera that I loved to take with me. I went on to work as a photographer for my high school yearbook and at a daily college newspaper.

Over the years, I received training from skilled photographers and really saw a potential to hone my craft. I decided to take on both city and portrait photography with my company – City Photos and Books, Inc. – which was founded in 2000. I enjoy capturing city and landscape photography, particularly in downtown Detroit. This has enabled me to participate in fine art photography through art shows, strategic art placement, and online sales. My portrait website is www.PortraitsByRod.com

My inspiration for city and landscape photography is everywhere. I often return to places I have seen while driving, walking or running. I bring my camera to capture the images that merely flashed by in an instant. As a city planner and a photographer, I am naturally drawn to urban places. I have a Master of City Planning degree from Georgia Tech and I have served on the adjunct faculty in Wayne State University’s Graduate Urban Planning Program.

As I photographer in Detroit, there is so much history that can be part of an image that is created fresh and new. I hope you enjoy the images that I share on this site.