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How Photographers Can Use Anchor.fm

Anchor.fm is a new audio social media platform

Anchor.fm screenshot

Anchor.fm is a new audio-based social media platform with the tagline: Radio by the People. Right now it operates as a free iPhone (iOS) app that lets users broadcast short audio clips – called waves – to an audience. Listeners can reply back with an audio response of their own. This enables you to engage with your listeners in a way that is much different from text and visual social media platforms. Anchor.fm was launched on February 9, 2016, so it’s really new to the market.

As a photographer, I have just started creating “waves” on Anchor.fm to link to my blog posts on www.CityPhotosAndBooks.com. Most of my waves have been about Detroit history and architecture. I love photographing historic Detroit buildings and I have created two-minute audio broadcasts where I talk about a specific building or site. I also provide a link to the specific blog post where I share some of my photographs of the building or place that is featured in the wave. So it’s an audio-based platform, but you can hyperlink to visual media.

Here is a link to a recent blog post on Detroit’s Belle Isle Aquarium and here is a link to the Anchor.fm wave.

I also plan to link some future waves to my portrait photography site: www.PortraitsByRod.com. I will share some recent posts from a senior photo shoot or sports / fitness photo shoot. I also plan to also offer some photo portrait tips using Anchor.fm.

The possibilities are endless with a tool like Anchor.fm. You can engage with potential clients, share information, teach a photo class, and much more.

I first learned about Anchor.fm by listening to an excellent Rosh Sillars podcast. He has a great blog post called 31 Things You Can Do With Anchor.fm. I recommend that you read his post and follow his podcasts.

I would love to hear your stories of how you are using Anchor.fm to grow your photography business.

Rod Arroyo

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